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Here in San Antonio, homeowners can suffer from a range of different pests, but there is one that is hated the most – the mosquito. Mosquitoes are awful little flying insects that have a taste for your blood. They are quite small in size so can sometimes go unnoticed, until they’ve given you a nasty itchy inflammation indicating where they’ve feasted on your blood. They have a very high pitched buzz that you can often only hear when they’re flying around your head, and by the time that you’ve swatted around trying to find it, it could already be too late!

Mosquitos are one of the biggest outdoor party crashers – if you are having a summer barbecue in your back garden or maybe you’re throwing a party for your kids, the last thing you want is to send your guests away with itchy bites. Many times mosquito repellents are not enough! If your yard suffers from from these little nasty blood suckers, you need to call in a professional mosquito control company.

We are Home Solutions Pest Control, located in San Antonio, and can help you with getting rid of your problem with effective mosquito control. We have an excellent team of professional exterminators who have an abundance of experience in exterminating pests including mosquitos. When you get in touch with us about a mosquito problem in your yard, an mosquito exterminator can come to your property and banish these little blood sucking pests.

How We Implement Mosquito Control

When one of our skilled mosquito control technicians come to your home to help with your problem, we follow a step by step plan to ensure that our service is satisfactory:

  • We begin by thoroughly inspecting your yard for the mosquitoes – looking for where they breed.
  • We then make a note of the items in your yard and what we need to consider before the extermination can be carried out.
  • We use an insecticide that is made to target the mosquito’s larvae individually. This pesticide is called larvicide – it will prevent any new mosquitoes from hatching.
  • We then take another look around your yard and identify any areas or circumstances that mosquitoes could use as a breeding site.
  • We use a treatment on any areas of your yard where mosquitoes tend to rest – this exterminates adult mosquitoes that are causing you to have itchy bites.
  • Once the treatment is carried out, and the pests have been killed, the last step is for you to sit in your yard and enjoy.

Common Questions About Mosquitoes 

  • I tried getting rid of the mosquitoes on my own, why didn’t it work?

Although you can do things in your yard such as removing any standing water, reducing shaded areas or burning citronella candles to reduce the number of mosquitoes, without a professional treatment, mosquitoes can be difficult to exterminate. Off-the-shelf products can be quite ineffective as they are not as potent as the treatments we use and they can also be used incorrectly. When one of our professional exterminators come to your home, they know what they are looking for and carry out the treatments carefully and correctly.

  • How can Home Solutions Pest Control help me with my mosquito problem?

We can assist you with your mosquito problem by exterminating the mosquitoes in a professional, safe and controlled manner. Unfortunately, we cannot eradicate all mosquitoes as they can travel from another yard to yours – but we can reduce the number of them significantly.

Experience you can trust. From exterminating pests including termite inspections, flying ants, bed bug treatment or any of the other pest control services you may need, call us today (210) 781-8362!


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