Bed Bugs San Antonio

Bed Bugs San Antonio

As children, many of us were scared by the thought of bed bugs biting us in the night, but we never knew what they looked like or what signs we had to look out for to determine if we had them. San Antonio Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that enjoy feeding on blood. They are attracted to body heat and also carbon dioxide, so if they are living in your bed, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get some feeding on your blood.

Not everyone gets a reaction from a bed bug bite, but if you do, they often come up as little itchy red bumps that can last for up to a week. Many people think that bed bug bites are just mosquito bites and can go for a long time without getting the pests exterminated. A way to tell if bed bugs have bitten you is looking out for bite marks that are in a straight line, this is how bed bugs tend to bite their victims.

If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home, you need to call our pest control service as soon as possible. At Home Solutions Pest Control, we understand how uncomfortable it can be to have a bed bugs problem. All of curbed bug exterminators are skilled, licensed and experienced so they can carry out a bed bug treatment in your home safely and correctly. A Home Solutions exterminator can come to your home and exterminate the pests away so you can have a good night’s sleep once again.

How We Control Your Bed Bugs

  • We begin by investing your home and identifying where the problem lies and how severe the infestation is.
  • We come up with a plan and prepare for treatment.
  • We then use our professional equipment and products to eliminate the bed bug problem efficiently.
  • We may have to move furniture around to access areas of your home – we return it to its original place after the treatment.
  • Once the treatment has been carried out, we do a follow-up to ensure that the pests have been entirely exterminated.

Questions We’re Commonly Asked About Bed Bugs

Are bed bugs dangerous?

No – bed bugs are not dangerous. Although they can make homeowners feel stressed and like their beds are dirty, they do not carry or transmit any diseases that are harmful to humans. In some cases, people can be allergic to bed bug bites – if you have bed bugs and have reacted badly to one of their bites, you need to seek medical attention.

  • How can Home Solutions Pest Control help me with my bed bugs?

When it comes to pests, we know everything about them – where they live, where they hide and signs to look out for. We will come to your home and thoroughly inspect it, looking out for any signs of bed bug life. All of our exterminators know what to look out for when checking for bed bugs – blood spots, droppings, eggs and corpses are the main signs of life that we come across when someone’s home has an infestation of bed bugs.

We can use a bed bug treatment to eliminate the bedbugs from your home. Our bed bug treatment will exterminate all forms of the bed bug – eggs, young bed bugs, and the adults. We can get rid of the bed bugs in your home in one single treatment.

Experience you can trust. From exterminating pests including termite inspections, flying ants, bed bug treatment or any of the other pest control services you may need, call us today (210) 781-8362!

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